Whether you are planning to sell your home in six weeks, six months, six years or never, increasing its value can be a highly desirable outcome from any home improvement or home remodeling project.

Doors & Windows

New doors and windows are always a good investment as they help lower energy costs and are virtually maintenance free! Insulated windows are always a plus and typically, they pay for themselves in five years.
- Yahoo Finance



The condition of your bathroom can seriously affect the resale value of your home. And in some cases, it could even be the deciding factor on whether or not to make an offer on the home. So if you want to keep your home at peak resale value, you need to keep your bathroom modern and make the necessary renovations.
- Modern Bathroom


The kitchen is the most important room in the house since it's where much of the family interaction occurs. The avert return-on-investment for improvements to the kitchen ranges from about 80 to 93 percent. To start, try adding new tile flooring, re-facing old cabinets and/or updating appliances to new energy efficient models.
- Quicken Loans

Trim Work & Miscellaneous

Creative trim can take a room from average to amazing! Experts agree that adding molding increases the value of your home; and, in many cases, the better the molding, the more value it adds when you sell your house. Molding also upgrades the impression a room gives, which is valuable even if you are not selling your property.
- E-How